Test Token Faucet

Users need to get test tokens from faucets before they start trading. Please head to Alchemy faucet and Term Structure testnet to get started.

Getting Test ETH from Alchemy Faucet

Step 1

First, go to the Alchemy faucet and paste your wallet address in the given field to receive test ETH. Check Etherescane for transaction details.

Getting Test Token from The Term Structure Testnet

Step 1

Go to https://faucet.testnet.ts.finance/ and paste your wallet address in the given field.

Step 2

Submit a tweet by manually copying the message below or by clicking the pop-out icon.

Step 3

If the system successfully detects that users have tweeted, they will receive the tokens shortly after.

Step 4

Now, go to https://app.testnet.ts.finance and connect your wallet to start trading!

Users can check whether they have successfully received the tokens in "Deposit." If so, they will see the amount of tokens received, as shown below:

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