Redeem and Repay


Redeeming tToken is the process by which tToken holders can return and burn their tToken in exchange for an equivalent amount of underlying tokens, which includes the principal plus interest. This amount of the principal and interest is known on the day when the auction matching results are released. Lenders can redeem their tToken anytime after the maturity date, which is at 00:00 UTC+0 on the day after the loan's maturity date.

Step 1

Click the profile to redeem tToken. Select the type and currency.

Step 2

Users can select Ethereum or Term Structure to redeem tToken.

Step 3

Sign the request. Then, a message that says “redeem request sent” will appear.

Repay Loans

Users must repay the loan before 23:59 UTC+0 on the specified maturity date. If users fail to do so, their collateral will be liquidated to protect the lenders' rights and maintain the platform's stability. Please use the "Explorer" function to check each transaction's status.


Indicate the amount of cryptocurrency to repay and the amount of collateral to withdraw.

Remove Collateral

Users have the flexibility to maximize capital efficiency by removing collateral as long as the health factor remains above 1. To do this, indicate the amount of collateral to remove.

Add Collateral

Users can add collateral to minimize the risk of liquidation and achieve a higher loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. To do this, please indicate the amount of cryptocurrency to add.

Transaction Status

Please use the "Explorer" function, which can be found under "More," to check each transaction's status.

The sequencer in zkTrue-up collects users’ transactions, batches them, and sends them to Ethereum. Therefore, users will need to wait for a specific period of time before they can observe their actions being reflected in the protocol. It is important to note that this number may be adjusted to accommodate various circumstances upon the launch of the mainnet.

To learn more about the rollup services and how transactions are handled and settled, please refer to the doc at

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